Other Bloggers DIY Soap Recipes to Try



Today I feel like giving a shout out to some women who have created some wonderful looking soap recipes. The last few days I have been on pinterest researching soap making techniques and recipes. When I create my own soap I want it to be original but I still took to looking at others creation for some inspiration. These receipes I’m about to show you were a few of my favorites and I just thought before I get into sharing with you all the receipes I come up with, that I would share with you what others have done.


This recipe interested me because I plan on making a lemon soap with my home-grown lemon balm in it and I was curious to see what she had put in hers. This was created by Crystal Owens. She describes the finish product as “The lemon zest gives the soap a great texture and the citrus scent will leave your hands feeling rejuvenated.” You can find her post about his here


This is orange creamsicle soap bar was created by Simply Stacie. I liked that she used orange zest in this and it gave me all kinds of ideas about incorporating the natural ingredients and herbs I want to use in the future. She says it “smells like a dream! I can’t get enough of the vanilla + orange scent combo.” It should yield 4 soap bars and you can get her full recipe details on her blog here


When I came across this recipe I didn’t think much of it at first. It’s not bright or vibrant in color or has any flashy add ins. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. It’s subtle and simple and its beneficial. This was created by a blogger named Lolli and she titles it Soothing Citrus Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap


Okay, who doesn’t LOVE coffee?!? Coffee soap is a thing? This soap recipe looks like it smells amazing. That’s a good enough reason to give this a try. This blog post is from a blog called Living Well Spending Less and is a guest post by a gal named Gabby, and she provides and very detailed explanation on her process in making this soap. If you’re someone who works best with visual learning, she provides a lot of step by step photos throughout her process so you know exactly what’s going on. This is one post I think you all should really check out. Take a look at her featured post here


Last but not least this colorful beauty. This soap is called Citrus Summer Punch Swirl Soap by blog Humblebee and Me. At first sight I would think this recipe is a little out of by beginner skill level, but the nice thing about this post is that if you are truly a visual learner she has the recipe on video! The video is very detailed and doesn’t move to fast. The colors of this are rich and beautiful and perfect for summer. One I will have to try as soon as I have a chance. Just a heads up on this recipe is that this one is not a simple melt and pour recipe. It’s a much more advanced recipe but it definitely looks like it’s worth it. When you’re ready to do something more advanced check out this blog here. 

2 thoughts on “Other Bloggers DIY Soap Recipes to Try

  1. Wow that Summer Punch soap is like a work of art!! I love that you are supporting other bloggers and how much research your doing before jumping into your own soap making adventure!! I’m sure your creative juices must be really “bubbling” right now!! 😀


  2. Tami I always have to do research before I jump into something new. I have a great big fear of wasting ingredients on recipes or things like that that don’t work. Materials aren’t cheap! when you see trends of things that everyone says they do when making something that’s usually how i figure out what will actually work. My creative juices are starting to get impatient, I want to get started on so many ideas I have after looking at all these blog post. But I have to wait and I hate when I have to wait for things to come in the mail. There were a few things I needed for my own project that I couldn’t find in hobby lobby or michaels so I have to wait. 😦
    And I love that you love I support other bloggers. I have huge respect for all these women. They all have a huge following or sponsors and I only have a couple followers. I think they all deserve major kudos. Plus it takes time and a whole lot of creativity to do what they do, I just hope to help spread the word on how awesome they’re doing it.


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