Writing My First Pattern

Have any if you ever tried to write your own crochet pattern? I’m currently giving it a shot and it’s been slow going. I don’t want it to resemble anything I’ve really seen before. I feel like I see too many patterns out there for things that too closely resemble what others claim that they also created. 

From a crocheter point of view what do you most like to see on a pattern you buy online? I feel like personally I don’t like patterns that are a bunch a photos with cheesy Microsoft paint arrows placed over the picture pointed at things. But no pictures would probably be a bad idea for anyone who’s a little lost, right? So what do you think? Just for big key steps or every step? I want to make this a good one. 

2 thoughts on “Writing My First Pattern

  1. I know how you feel Kerynn – I hesitate to write any patterns because of that same thing. I very seldom even look at written patterns. I am a very visual/hands on type of learner so I go straight to YouTube for inspiration or if I get stuck trying to work out some stitches. But, when I do look at other blogs with patterns I don’t really mind the occasional picture with arrows. Some find it helpful. I would suggest that if it is an unusual stitch or technique that a picture would be good. Good luck I can’t wait to see your designs!! 🙂


    • Haha thanks for responding to this post Tami! I honestly needed some real feedback. I understand what you mean too. I’m a visual learner too but I just need the paper in front of me. I like to be able to take notes and make my own comments on them.

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