To Keep or Not to Keep?

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Okay, so yesterday I made this bracelet with the intention of putting it up on Etsy. The more  I look at this the more in love with it I am and want to keep it. Only problem is that I have already advertised it on social media as becoming available to order soon. Now today I went into JoAnn with the intention of purchasing the collection of beads that this was made mostly with and unfortunately they were all out. Now I don’t know if it’s because they’re having a BIG bead sale or they aren’t carrying it anymore. I also looked online and couldn’t find it. Basically this means I can’t make another one just like it. You think it would be completely horrible of me to keep it for myself? Let me know what you think.


IMG_20170401_154236_790 copy

2 thoughts on “To Keep or Not to Keep?

  1. Oh that’s a tough question! What if you set a date and if it doesn’t sell by then you keep it! Of course I would set the date to be tomorrow but….. LOL. 😀


    • Haha that’s a possible solution! I’ve spent a good part of today scouring the internet trying to find the collection of beads I used.

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