Jewelry Design

As you might recall I promised to keep you all up to date on my first ever jewelry making project. I was over the moon to get started. For once I actually didn’t know where to start. Unlike when I try a new pattern out or I learn to sew something new, there is always a template, a pattern, or some kind of guideline for me to follow. Sure I had bought the beads but what else did I need? My first go to is always google it. Usually I like to walk into the craft store with a list of materials I would need to simply get started. I did try the looking it up online but without even knowing the correct terminology for the vision I had in my head I couldn’t find exactly what I needed online. Next I tried just looking around on the jewelry making isle. That was definitely an overwhelming place to start. I ended up ordering a book on amazon for only a couple of dollars and flipped through and found a few projects that looked like what I liked.

Turns out you need a lot of tools and different things to really get started. Well that’s not true. Actually you only need those if you want to make serious jewelry. If you’re looking for some simple beaded piece closed together with a knot than you don’t need much. I wanted to make some fancy stuff that wouldn’t snap if tugged a little bit. I needed to find the right threading material to best fit my beads. The pliers and something called a crimping tool also. And then the crimping beads and closures. I think I finally have my head wrapped around the simple bracelet. Next week I think I’ll be moving on to trying some harder stuff I think. Like multiple strand jewelry and earrings.

If anyone would like me to post a step by step tutorial let me know. Also these items are all available on Etsy right now. Go ahead and give them a look. Also I’d love for you guys to go and give my Etsy page a like!


2 thoughts on “Jewelry Design

  1. These are really pretty! I’ve always wanted to make jewelry but will probably never have the time, or space to store everything. Plus like you said – the jewelry making section is very overwhelming! I want to buy EVERYTHING! I know that yarn is addictive but beads and charms and all of that stuff – I would DEFINITELY have a problem with controlling my spending on that! Looks like you are off to a great start! 😀


    • Yarn is extremely addictive. Which is why I seem to always have so much even when I’m constantly making things and sending them off.
      But on the plus side for me this does take up less space than my yarn!
      And thank you:)

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