Bunny Project Complete



I have officially complete using this bunny pattern, at least for the foreseeable future. With Easter just around the corner these four soft fuzzy adorable bunnies are up for sale on my Etsy page. If anyone is interested you can find them here at http://www.etsy.com/shop/PrettyLittleByDesign

I would also like to give some last-minute advice to anyone who would like to simply make their own bunny. I may be selling these but I wholeheartedly support anyone who wants to do it themselves! If this is your first time reading my blog posts on this particular pattern I’m providing you with the link to the pattern one more time. One Dog Woof’s pattern is here. There are many good things about this pattern she created. But in a way there are a few things that bother me and just personally a few things I would do differently. 

I don’t know about you but when I work a pattern a couple of times over I start to notice all the little flaws that really start to bug me. Even when they are so so tiny. But for me when I’m working through someone else’s work I don’t always see a way to fix it. Most of the time I just continue on my way with those flaws still intact. With the way this pattern is worked there are spots that it’s off-center because of how the rounds are worked. This is nothing crazy or something that should in any way stop you from getting this to make for yourself. For me it just required more time during assembly. I had to look for more points of reference to mark where stitches should end up. Just tread carefully here. Also the pattern instructs to stuff lightly. When I first started assembling crochet animals I first started thinking it was stuffed fully and it really wasn’t. Fully stuffed would mean firm. Lightly stuffed is just less than a firm form. These bunnies should last. You want the recipients of these to love them for a long time. 

One thing I do advise to do  much differently from what she is advising you to do is in regards to making the head. Halfway through making the head she tells you to stop and sew on the nose and add the eyes. For me this is not the correct the time for this. For me sewing the nose is really up to you. I chose to wait because I want to make sure that it sits correctly and symmetrical. It can be done now or later. For me if I’m waiting to do the eyes, I’m just going to wait to do the nose as well. There is a very important reason to wait to do the eyes. The method that I like to use involves having the back of the head already formed. After having finished making the entire head I went ahead and sewed in the loose thread. 

Now I’ve selected to use black buttons for these bunnies and black thread for the sewing. Don’t worry about the color of the thread! No one will see it. When you’re ready thread your needle and insert it through the back of the head, leave a tail of the thread hang out the back. Thread the needle out the front to where you want your eye to be placed. Secure the button in place. I usually like to do the button more than once to make sure they’re secured in place. Next thread the needle back into the head and out where you would like you second eye to be. As soon as you’re happy with where your eyes are, thread the needle back through the head and out the same spot as where the thread is hanging out the back. Once the threads are together give them both a good tug. You want them to leave a depression where the buttons are. This gives them the impression of being more real rather than just sewn onto the surface. Now tie your two strings together. This is actively securing both the buttons together so they wont come apart. Once the two strings have been tied together, push the remaining string inside the head. No one will see it from inside.  I prefer this method but do what feels right for you. Good luck!

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