Support Local, Small and Handmade

Today I’m not posting about anything I’ve been working on but rather about all those other people who make hand-made items. I personally have only been on Etsy for a couple of months but have been selling hand-made items for years in a store. I know how much it means to me when I have people who love my stuff enough to buy it. The feeling I had this past Christmas when I heard that one of my little sisters friends was over the moon about a pair of boot cuffs she got for Christmas in her stocking and how she had seen them and asked for them! My little sister told her they were bought from me! As someone who works really hard to make things I think others would like made me feel unbelievable. 

That is how I know that any one who creates things for other people takes great pride in what they make. I’m just writing to encourage any of you to thing to shop small, shop local, and support those small business owners whenever you can. If there is a shop nearby you, go take a look there before heading to your local target or chain store. You might find something you really love there. Sometime things might surprise you and you might save yourself a little money. I know many of you might think you are gonna spend more by shopping handmade items or by shopping local. I want to remind you of a few things. You might be spending a little more that way but you’re supporting that small business rather than a giant chain store. Or may if you’re shopping handmade try to think of how much time and work went in to that piece. 

I personally have been using Etsy as a place to buy a lot of gifts and other things for a few years now. From craft supplies sometimes to gifts for friends and family. When I was getting married I even ordered things such as bridal party gifts, custom colored bow ties for the groomsman, wedding jewelry from an amazing shop located in Canada, and live succulent plants for the wedding favors. They were grown at a family run farm. You can find out a lot about the people and places you get your stuff by reading a shops bio. People work hard and they should get the recognition for that. 


5 thoughts on “Support Local, Small and Handmade

  1. This is a great message that should be repeated often! Also Craft Fairs – whenever I see posters and signs up around town for craft fairs I always mark it down on my calendar. Some really unique treasures can be found at fairs! 😀


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