Beads Beads Beads!

I feel like if this were a text message this would be where I’d insert the emoji with the hearts as eyes. I’m so excited to start with a project out of my comfort zone. For years I’ve made crochet things from full-sized blankets to tiny baby things. And things such as sewn headbands and customizing fabric on hard headbands. But jewelry making is a whole new world for me. This past week i’ve been thinking about trying something completely new for me. Usually when I try something new it’s just a few small items that I try out and put in the shop to see how well they do. I’m just thinking of putting together a few bracelets to see if I have any talent for it. I actually have family members that have made high-end jewelry to sell in the past. It seems like I have a relatively creative family on my mother’s side. Everyone has something crafty that they like to do it seems. I’m curious to see if I’ll need other beads to fill out the bracelets in a way that looks good. Since i’ve not done this before I wasn’t sure what all I would need to get the end result that I want. I can’t wait to get started but with some mischievous pets around this house I know that this is a project I’ll have to do when I have enough time to at least see it to the end. End project coming soon!

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