Baby Bootie Gift Sets

This past week I had a few hours to spare one day and whipped these up really quick. I had an easy enough time putting this little hat together but the booties gave me a little bit of a harder time. I’ve worked with this pattern before and know it’s easy enough to miss a stitch and end up having to do a couple of rows over again. Somehow I made a big goof. After I finished the hat I made first one boot but started to get tired. I had wanted to finish the set up before going to bed and ended up taking forever on the second bootie. I remember thinking that it was taking a really long time but that it must just be that I was really sleepy. When I woke up the next morning the cuff on my second bootie was twice as big as the cuff on the first one. I had a good laugh at that. Soon as I was awake it was easy enough to redo the cuff. I just love how these feel with the light weight yarn and teeny tiny little stitches. I think I might make a few more pairs of these with hats up on the Etsy shop next week maybe.

2 thoughts on “Baby Bootie Gift Sets

  1. Those little booties are absolutely adorable!! I’m imagining some chubby little feet kicking around in those!! Everything you make is so cute – I’m going to need to check out a thesaurus to find other words for cute and adorable!! 😀


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