Stuffed elephants

I’m happy to say that my elephant project is nearing its completion! It is an incredibly exciting feeling. I usually love to do custom orders but that’s usually when they come in one at a time and my creative mind gets to move on to something else. This time with five elephants I just kept putting them off. I am happy to say that I only have to sew together one more body. The thing is that its quick and easy for me to just whip it up and put them all together but if I want it to look nice and everything symmetrical and the stitches to be well hidden and seamless it takes me forever. One more to go that will be shipped off all the way to New Zealand and I can’t wait for it to be done. Also no matter how hard I try each one of these guys will always look a little different from the others. Depending on how much stuffing they have and which rows the arms and legs end up attached to. I always start out with the intention of putting them in the same spot, but nothing ever ends up being exactly the same on the next one. I happen to think this little blue guy is currently my favorite one so far.



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