Momma to be Gift package

DSC_0106.JPGPost office picked up a wonderful package today that put together! I’m so excited that it finally get shipped out to a mamma to be from back home. Someone I knew growing up is expecting her second baby and she’s having a baby girl. I was so excited when she contacted me wanting two of those baby elephants. One for her baby girl to be AND one for her little boy, because she loved them so much. Seeing as how I’ve known her for many many years I couldn’t help but include some extras. Any excuse to make cute little gifts for people I know. This is usually how I end up with nothing on my Etsy page, but that’s okay with me. It’s totally worth it in my book. This wonderful gift box included: two baby elephants in customized colors to her taste, baby booties and matching hat, one beautiful little purple blanket (nothing too large), and a bath bomb for the mamma to be to use after baby arrives when she finally gets a moment to relax. I love putting things like this together. I even had something similar requested to go along with one of those last few elephants that needs to be shipped out. I can’t wait to send those out as well. Custom gift boxes containing items you know I can already put together is something I’m willing to do if I have the time! I think one of those adorable elephants might end up without a home. I’m trying to decide if I should send to sell in the shop or post them up on Etsy. Any thoughts on where they might sell better? I always think they sell better when people can touch and feel them.

3 thoughts on “Momma to be Gift package

  1. Momma To Be gift boxes is what you should be making for your etsy! What a great gift for a new mommy and baby! Tuck these lovingly handcrafted items into a basket and I think it would make an outstanding gift basket!! There seems to be too many hats on etsy – this seems like a perfect niche product! šŸ˜€

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    • You think? I’m really looking for a great way to get my Etsy page going. I only have boot cuffs on it right now because I’m just afraid to post bigger stuff and have it just sit on there. Instead of getting in the shop and having people buy it in person.

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