The Dangers of the Craft Store

DSC_0001Today I stopped in at Joann’s and found myself wandering through the yarn aisles. I went in needing some yarn to start my bunny project but of course I needed to check out what else was new. I’ve been hoping for some spring colors to start popping up.Of course I found something that caught my eye that wasn’t at all spring but was beautiful. What can I say, I was hooked. I found a yarn I hadn’t seen before and it was called a Sweet Roll. It’s 245 yards of wonderful colors just waiting to be made into something, but what? I can tell you I have absolutely no idea yet. The yarn is nothing fancy. Its 100% acrylic and made by Premier yarns but very soft. It was so pretty and I had a coupon! I’m currently looking for suggestions or ideas on how to put this to good use? Otherwise it might just be made into some rather unusual pairs of boot cuffs. Let me know what you guys think and have a great  rest of your Sunday! 

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