Crochet Bunny that’s Perfect for Easter

Today I found the most adorable stuffed bunny pattern that I can not wait to dive into. Someone pinned it on Pintrest and I could help but find out where it came from. Located on Craftsy you can find the pattern for only $3 and it looks completely worth it! The pattern was created by One Dog Woof. I think this is one pattern that is definitely worth checking out for Easter. Find a link to her pattern here. As someone that sells on Etsy and in a small shop, I’m happy to announce this pattern is one that she’s okay with others selling her finished product! As long as you credit her pattern of course. Which I absolutely love because this item is one that I’m sure others would love the finished product. It will be a great item to put in someone’s easter basket this year. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress as soon as I get going on this pattern next week! 

These photos are also from her website and are credit of her finished product. If you love her finished product as much as I do, check out her stuff. 

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