Crocheted Elephants Ohhh My

Has anyone ever had that one project that seems to go on forever? I’ve had all kinds of those projects. Usually for me it’s something like a crocheted blanket or quilting project that you know will be awhile before you finish it. Usually those ones are something I work on in my downtime between projects.

In the last few weeks I’ve had this elephant project going on. I had posted a photo of this adorable purple elephant I made for a friend on Instagram. I had gotten the pattern for this elephant on Etsy from the wonderful Lisa Jestes and you can go to her Etsy shop here and find the pattern for yourself if you like it. As a result of my photo upload I had a couple friends ask me about getting one of these made and because of that I started making five more. I don’t know about anyone else but those tiny little stitches take me absolutely forever. I easily get distracted and have to take a break. With having so many of these on my plate all at once I attempted a sort of factory type process. First making all the arms and then all the legs and so on and so forth.

Anyone else have ways they work through such a large project like this? Also I feel bad for my girls waiting on these to be shipped out! An apology for being such an easily distracted individual when it comes to crafts and projects. By the way isn’t this little elephants tale the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

One thought on “Crocheted Elephants Ohhh My

  1. I love this elephant! My son works for a company that donates part of their profits to Save the Elephants and this would be perfect to make for them as a mascot! Your assembly line type process seems like a good strategy. 🙂


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