Baby Flower Headbands 

So these headbands are my first attempt at making headbands solely with babies in mind. I’m curious what others have to say about this kind of thing. I’m looking to send these to Dollies to Doorknobs in Stanwood, WA and see how well they do. Not having a baby of my own I’d really like to hear what mothers think of these? Are headbands something you’d buy as an accessory for your baby? If the answer is no, is it not that you wouldn’t get one for them but that you have a different style in mind?

I’m always curious what others would think of new things I’ve made and how well they would do in a shop. Details on how I put these together will come the next time I make a few. If anyone has an interest in just making their own before then, and has any questions of finding materials or help putting some of these together themselves just let me know. I’d be more than happy to help!

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