Amateur Photographer 

Today was a beautiful day here in Alabama. Weather wasn’t hot and humid and we didn’t have any thunder or giant storms. It’s pretty rare when it falls in that happy medium between the two. My husband and I wanted to take advantage of the nice Sunday afternoon and we decided to go exploring. Since we moved here we’ve driven by a few of these places more than once and today was a great day to go check them out.

I decided to bring our camera along. It’s a Nikon D3300 and I love it, but don’t necessarily know how to use it that well. I’m an amateur when it comes to using it. These are a few of my favorite photos I was able to snap of some of the places we went today. The laundry mat was fascinating to me. There were still clothes hanging on the rack just inside the shattered window. They looked like they had been just inside that window for decades.

Of course the photos at that historic cotton gin factory in Prattville were so full of history as well. The factory was so big and one of the side buildings looked like it had experienced a fire some time since 1850, the year the sign said the factory was in full swing.

As fun and interesting as our little trip around town was today, I could use some tips on the photo side of things. Is it bad to rely on the different pre-made photo settings on my camera? Should I or could I even easily learn how to do those types of photos all on manual? I never did take any sort of photography class in high school or college and now I’m regretting that a bit. Learning the basic functions of a camera that isn’t so much just good at pointing and shooting would have been a good idea.

3 thoughts on “Amateur Photographer 

  1. Love your photos. Alabama is a beautiful state – have been there a few times. Mississippi is my state. Just began blogging and am an amateur photographer. Love nature and taking rides to see what I can find to take pictures of.

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    • Yeah I only began my blog a few weeks ago. I’ve never been to Mississippi but I’m sure it’s beautiful there too. I grew up in Washington state and just moved to Alabama last summer. If you ever get a chance the PNW is a beautiful place to get some nature photos!

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      • I lived in Washington state several times when I was a child – it is beautiful there. Mississippi has some beautiful places. I will check out PNW.


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