Strawberry Bath Bombs

I’ve made bath bombs a couple of times in the past but today I tried out this recipe for the first time. When I ordered the molds I used on amazon they came with a recipe from The Bath Company. I didn’t use it the first time because I needed citric acid and used a substitute recipe with cream of tartar instead.

The Bath Company’s Recipe

1 Cup Baking Soda

1/2 Cup Cornstarch

1/2 Cup Citric Acid

1/2 Cup Epsom Salts

3/4 Tsp. Water

2 1/2 Tsp melted Coconut Oil

8-10 Drops Essential Oils in any scent

Food Coloring

Bath Bomb Molds

Not all of these ingredients are available just anywhere. Most of these ingredients I could find in any grocery store but some I really had to hunt around for. I was able to find the essential oils in places like Target and Hobby Lobby but the average price on these items are about $6.99  each. That was a little steep for me to only get one scent. Instead I went on Amazon and found a brand that I could get six scents for little over the price of two if I were to buy them in store. I picked out the fruitiest pack they had and you can find a link to that brand here. I should point out that the ones I bought are not listed as essential oils though, they’re listed as “eternal essence oils” instead of essential oils. Amazon for this project was really my go to place for the miscellaneous items I couldn’t find in a store. The molds and the citric acid I got from there as well. The epsom salts I was able to get a pretty big bag at target for really cheap.

After all of my items finally came in from amazon it was time to finally make them. Of course I got all my ingredients out and ready on my kitchen counter and then proceeded to get distracted and procrastinated getting my hands dirty. This project sat out on my kitchen counter for a couple of days before I got around to it. Usually what happens when I plan on starting something new. Lucky for me when I did finally get around to making these they didn’t take very long and I could clean up as I went.

Basically measuring out all these ingredients didn’t take more than a few minutes tops. In separate bowls combine your ingredients. One bowl for the dry stuff and one bowl for the wet. You really only need a very tiny bowl of the wet ingredients. Also make sure that bowl is one that can easily go in the microwave. I did all the dry ingredients first and gave them a good mix with a fork. The fork will come in handy later so that is what I recommend as a stirring utensil. Then I moved on the wet ingredients. In retrospect I should have measured out the coconut oil AND melted it first, but instead I measured out all of the wet ingredients and moved on to melting. It did not seem to have any effect on the process or the finished product but my little  goof resulted in heating all the wet ingredients for a few seconds to get that coconut oil to convert to liquid form. When you are melting your coconut oil, make sure that there are not little white chunks of it left in solid form. These result in a slightly less liquid solution and it doesn’t spread as far when you combine the wet and dry ingredients together. Trust me, this is important. When they aren’t wet enough they crack and crumble over night. If this does happen, don’t worry about it. I’ve been there and made this mistake as well. Instead of giving them away to friends like I intended I saved the crumbled chunks for myself and still can have a very fragrant wonderful bath with them.

With my personal project I used the strawberry scented essential oil and it smelled heavenly. Also when choosing how to color my bath bombs I went with coloring instructions on the food coloring box. Six drops of pink and one of blue to make a raspberry color. The result was much more purple than I had expected. On my second batch of these I went with just straight pink coloring. They turned out to be a beautiful color. The coloring of these is always a fun step because whatever you end up choosing will actually change the color of your bath water. Don’t worry about it staining the tub. I haven’t had that happen to me so far and I’ve experimented with a couple of colors. Some of which were very vibrant.

I recommend having fun with this part! Coloring these can really be a creative part of making bath bombs.

I went very straight forward and made mine solid to show the basic steps. You could easily divide the ingredients in half and have two bowls of each the wet and the dry ingredients. You could turn each one a different color and make your bath bombs half and half. One other creative tip I’ve come across for these is that after combining your ingredients you can add dried flowers to enhance the fragrance of your bath.

Now that you’ve decided on the coloring of your bath bombs comes the combining part. As you’ll notice the wet ingredients are very minimal in this recipe, but that’s okay. You’re just going to take this next step really slow and add them to your dry ingredients practically a few drops at a time. I’ve noticed over doing this a few times that when you add them too fast you get a fizzy reaction. You want to go slow to stop that from happening as much as possible. You want to save that reaction from when these actually go into the bath. Even though we want to try to avoid this as much as possible, it’s going to happen. Best thing you can do when it does is not stir in a circular motion, but rather stir more of the dry ingredients on top and almost knit the wet stuff right into the mix. Once all of the wet ingredients have been added to your combination you are going to notice some tiny little lumps. This is where the fork comes in handy. Use the fork to break up the clumps and evenly mix everything. It should have the consistency of moist sand. Now it’s time for the fun part. I laid out a sheet wax paper to put my finished bath bombs on to allow them to dry overnight.

Now that everything is ready, take each half of your mold and gently fill it with the filling. You don’t want each half of the mold to only be filled right up to the edge. As seen in the photos let your filling mount out the top a little ways. You need excess to reach the other half and bind the two together. Once each half is overflowing a bit, press the two half together. You’re going to see the excess start falling back into the bowl. As you press the two halves together twist the two halves back and forth in opposite directions until the two sides eventually touch. Wipe the sides as best you can where the two halves meet and then keep the two pinched together for about one minute. After a minute take your fork and give the top mold a light tap or two and then gently lift the mold off. I sometimes take this time to run my finger around the edge where you see there is extra filling wider than the mold. You can do this part later too if you feel more comfortable waiting until everything is done. Gently turn the mold over and repeat the same process of removing the mold with the other half. At this point you might see that tiny little line of excess filling right where the two molds had met. Now all you have to do is repeat the steps of filling the molds and until you run out of filling. This batch of ingredients made me four bath bombs in total with my 2.5″ diameter molds. Have fun with these. They could easily be a fun project to make with kids or friends.

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